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Introducing our Corduroy Nylon Duffel Bag with STG Logo: The epitome of style, versatility, and practicality, designed to enhance your gym and travel experiences. This duffel bag features a premium corduroy nylon exterior adorned with the iconic STG logo, making it a fashion-forward statement piece that seamlessly accommodates your active lifestyle.

**Key Features:**

- **Premium Corduroy Nylon:** Crafted from durable corduroy nylon, this duffel bag effortlessly blends elegance with resilience to withstand your gym and travel demands.

- **STG Logo:** The emblematic STG logo takes center stage, showcasing your commitment to excellence and authenticity.

- **Multi-Pocket Design:** Stay organized effortlessly with multiple compartments. From essentials to accessories, there's a designated spot for everything you need.

- **Wet/Shoe Compartment:** Keep your gym shoes or wet clothes separate from your other belongings, maintaining freshness and cleanliness.

- **Cabin Size Approved:** Designed to meet cabin size restrictions, this duffel bag is perfect for your weekend getaways or quick gym sessions.

- **Spacious and Stylish:** The cabin-friendly size doesn't compromise on space. With ample room, this duffel bag is perfect for packing your gear and essentials.

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