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Heavy Bag Black Edition

Heavy Bag Black Edition

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Introducing our Black Edition 100% Engineered Leather Heavy Bag: Redefine your training regimen with the pinnacle of durability and performance. This Black Edition Heavy Bag seamlessly marries the innovative attributes of engineered leather with a sleek black design, offering a versatile training companion for martial artists and fitness enthusiasts.

Designed to withstand the most rigorous workouts, this heavy bag stands as a testament to endurance. The 100% Engineered Leather construction ensures both durability and flexibility, making it capable of handling powerful strikes while maintaining its integrity. With a generous length of 180cm, this bag provides ample surface area for a variety of training techniques.

Safety and convenience take center stage in our design. Equipped with chains and a swivel, this heavy bag comes complete for secure mounting, ensuring a stable training setup that withstands your most intense strikes. Additionally, the ring at the bottom of the bag allows for floor attachment, adding an extra layer of stability for those impactful training sessions.

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