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Rashguard long sleeve

Rashguard long sleeve

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Introducing Our Black Long Sleeve Rashguard: Elevate Your Performance and Style, On and Off the Mat. Crafted from an exceptional blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, this rashguard is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and comfort, making it the ultimate choice for MMA, BJJ, self-defense, or simply as a statement of sport and fashion.

**Key Features:**

- **Premium Blend:** With an 80% polyester and 20% spandex blend, this rashguard contours to your body while allowing free movement, making it an essential piece for intense training sessions.

- **Motivational Red Sleeve:** One sleeve is strikingly red, embellished with a motivational quote that fuels your determination and passion, inspiring you to excel both on the mat and in life.

- **STG Logo:** The iconic STG logo is prominently displayed on the side of the body, signifying your affiliation with quality and authenticity.

- **Slow Fading Text:** The other sleeve features subtle, slow-fading text, adding a touch of creativity that showcases your unique style and versatility.

- **Versatile Design:** Whether it's for MMA, BJJ, self-defense, or to make a bold fashion statement, this rashguard seamlessly transitions between your active and casual moments.


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